MAHT HILDA & SALLY BUMPS – live in concert @Waag


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  • DATE: 14.12.23
  • TIME: 18.30
  • LOCATION: Waag, BZ

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18:30 – Waag Café Talk with the artists
20:30 – Waag -1 Concert

Maht Hilda & Sally Bumps
Live concert

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Waag è lieta di presentare Maht Hilda & Sally Bumps, due giovani musiciste che si incontrano artisticamente per la prima volta sul palcoscenico della Casa della Pesa. La scaletta le vedrà esibirsi singolarmente ma anche insieme per la prima volta, dando al pubblico il privilegio di assistere alla nascita di una nuova e spontanea collaborazione.

Waag freut sich, zwei junge Musiker zu präsentieren: Maht Hilda & Sally Bumps werden als Solisten aber auch als neu gegründetes Duo live auf der Bühne des Waaghauses zu erleben sein.

Waag is pleased to present Maht Hilda & Sally Bumps, two young musicians who are meeting artistically for the first time on the stage of Casa della Pesa. The lineup will see them perform individually but also together for the first time, giving the audience the privilege of witnessing the birth of a new and spontaneous collaboration.

Sally fell in love with the piano in her early teens when she was exposed to classical music; then it was electronic music, discovered when she was 16, that fueled her passion. Graduated as a sound engineer and piano teacher since 2018, she takes care of all aspects her project, from the sound to the graphics and video. It would be unfair to put a label on Sally’s musical world: you can often find ambient elements that sometimes erupt into a symphonic, cinematic style. There is no shortage of references to clubbing genres, Techno and House, which, combined with her soft and warm voice give her a unique sound. 

Ethnically confused singer-songwriter, Maht Hilda belongs to many places: she was born in Milan, with Uruguayan roots, and raised in a German speaking environment in the Italian Alps. 
Her music degree in London and her classical education melt into a personal sound that rings true, unconventional but believable, with reminiscences of an experimental indie-pop, alternative Nordic music scene. 

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